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I'm surprised no one updated! I thought last night's episode was amazing.

♥ Who do you think will be the biggest threat in the competition?
♥ Who looked the best bald?
♥ Who has the most unique look?
♥ Who do you think will be out the next episode?

I think
Brooke or Sara will be the biggest threat.
Nnenna looked the best bald.
Kari has the most unique look.
Well, I hope Jade's out soon, because she's WAY too arrogant and annoys me. She is quite striking though.
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No comments on the finale?? What kind of community is this?

I say nay to the winner. It seems every season the person I'm rooting for never wins. So next season, I think I am going to bet cash against myself so I can make some money.

I'm not fat!

name: You know it baby!
age: 21
how i found this community: The LJ search thing. I'm pretty lame.
comments about season 1: I wanted Elyse to win. Adrianne is sexy though, when she's not on My Fair Brady. My favorite season so far is season one.
comments about season 2: I wanted Mercedes to win.
comments about season 3: Sucked.
comments about season 4: I wanted K-Lizzle (Kahlen is that how you spell her name?) to win. Naima is a no-no. I don't understand why people actually wanted her to win. She's a big fat NO.